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Of all the rooms in a house, the closet has undergone the most significant transformation in the past 100 years.  Actually, 100 years ago, little thought was given to the closet.  People were not as clothes conscious as they are now, nor did they have as many reasons to have a variety of clothing as they do today.  The rich and famous have always indulged their taste for fine couture, but the average working family had only the basics for school and work, and a special set of clothes to wear on Sunday.  Now, with access to money saving deals on shoes and apparel using Groupons for stores like Toms,  they have shoes by the dozens and clothes by the yard.

Today, closets the size of a single apartment are common, and homebuyers won’t even consider looking at a home that doesn’t have a large walk in closet.  It’s a deal breaker.   The last thing they want is to move to a new location with the same old problem – not enough room for their clothes and shoes.  And while we’re at it, let’s put that rumor to bed about closets being taxed during colonial times.  Many people still believe that old homes lacked closets because they were included in the equation when levying taxes on a house based on the number of rooms it contained.  There are no records to substantiate that.  The truth, they say, is that during those times, people simply folded their clothes and stored them away.

Today, the size and style of a closet and the way it is organized helps to protect and extend the life of clothes and shoes.  Speaking of shoes, have you looked at the new offerings by Toms?  A recent peek at their website shows they have expanded far beyond their signature slip-ons that brought them fame, and now make some of the most stylish boots and shoes on the market.  Their merchandise lines may have gotten longer and wider, but their commitment to philanthropy is just as deep.  Still today, you can arrange to give a pair of shoes to a person in need, for every pair of shoes you buy.  Using a Groupon code allows you to buy more, because you can save $10 off a pair with a Groupon promo code, and 25{6716ca6b1684b8b4196a32fba29f45a6bfbef75c1f63eb9156b6fad035ed3461} on women’s shoes.   No matter the size of your closet, it’s easy to make room for Toms.