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How Do Vets Go about Your Pet’s Annual Physical Examination

When do you think is the right time to take your pet to the vet’s office for a checkup? Are you aware of what will happen upon your visit? As pet owners, you need to be acquainted on the procedures that will be performed by the doctor. Running a medical examination to your pets allow you to determine whether they are feeling any sort of sickness or not at all. Here are some of the procedures that veterinarians normally conduct during your pet’s annual physical exam:

Checking of Temperature

Getting the temperature of your pet is one of the vital parts of a pet physical examination. If you have a pet dog or cat, you must know that the normal temperature of cats and dogs fall in from 100 to 102.5 degree Fahrenheit. The animal may not show any physical manifestations of feeling ill but veterinarians can often determine if something’s not right if the animal has high temperature.
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Checking of Your Pet’s Skin and Fur
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One of the best ways to determine the wellbeing of your pet is by looking through its skin and fur, if is the skin is clean and coat is shiny then more likely the pet is in good condition. This type of examination also permits the vet to know if there is something wrong with your pets by checking if the skin is dry and fur keeps falling off. More likely vets would advise pet owners to go for a meat-based diet if the skin of their pets doesn’t look healthy. Meat based diet for your pet will last for a couple of weeks after that the skin will usually look healthier.

Ear Problems

If there are wounds on the ears or on the skin then that is not a healthy sign, vets would consider running more tests. If the ears are dry and smelly then you must have them check immediately. It is necessary to watch out from those signs so that you can take fast actions. The ear canal is where the infection would usually start. If you are able to bring your pets at the vet’s office for a regular checkup then they’ll be able to determine if your pet needs ear medication plus this also prevents bigger problems and bigger expenditures. Reputable vets would often advice pet owners some ways they can keep the ears of their pets clean more so prescribe necessary medications if there is a need to do so.

Examination for the Eyes

Another examination that vets usually do is examine the internal structure of your pets’ eyes. True enough, pets rarely experience eye problems but as a proactive approach you have to make sure the vets are able to conduct an examination with it. The most common eye problem that pets experience is eye irritations cause by dust, pollen or grass.