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How Sales and Marketing Intersect Most organization’s sales and marketing departments operate in distinction. Even though segregation of departments is necessary, it leads to confusion in the organizations. Among the many programs of marketing in organizations are branding, market research, advertising, product development, web content and social media. Sales persons’ main activities are usually making customer leads, qualifying the leads and also taking responsibility on the sales line. Although sales and marketing have sharp differences, they are charged with related activities which are ensuring that the customers are satisfied and also growing the revenue of business. It is thus necessary for organizations to reduce the gap between the sales and marketing departments. Both the departments should work in unity to accomplish similar objectives. Businesses can bridge sales and marketing gaps using the tips below. First, the two departments should start using a common language. A joint agreement with the organization on what constitutes a qualified lead should get established. A consensus with critical terms focusing on the organization’s marketing activities and a comprehensive profile of targeted customers who form a target audience gets created. In case sales focus on individuals with no buying power, their efforts may end up futile and result to them distributing the marketing team in the wrong place.
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Organizations could also come up with a mutual plot. The sales team interacts more with their clients and thus both the marketing and sales departments should be combined for better results. Organizations should choose a method that highlights all the steps of customer buying process as well as best ways of getting customers purchase the organizations’ products.
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Activities by the departments should get quantified and results analyzed. Departments of sales and marketing ought to revamp their analytics and invent agreed upon metrics to assist in measuring the outcomes of the marketplaces. Marketing staff can also be transferred to sales departments and sales staff transferred to the marketing department for a period. Many of tensions between sales and marketing result from a simple misunderstanding on the roles of each department. This issue could be solved efficiently by marketing team members acting as salespeople for some time. Through this, executive to junior members from the marketing departments learn sales roles search as creating and qualifying leads, making follow-up calls. A sales representative’s knowledge of the customer should be stressed on. Sales persons are aware on what the target market likes most. Sales representatives in the organization should share the information with the marketing team. Equipped with this knowledge, the marketing team gets in a position to give the sales team all tools possible to succeed in the field.