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Medical Supply Essentials You Should Keep in Your Home

When first aid is immediately provided, a lot of diseases can be treated more easily. Often, first aid is vital to various side effects people may experience (for instance, peptic ulcers). Additionally, immediate action is necessitated by certain disorders, like hypo/hyperglycemia.

Sometimes, you just have to call 911 and bring the sick person to the hospital, but for situations you can handle at home, here are some of the most basic medical supplies you need to have in handy:

First Aid Kit
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To avoid defeating the purpose of having a medical kit, keep yours well-stocked, and make it portable. This little kit can literally be a lifesaver – for instance, it can keep a person from bleeding out. Just remember always that whatever is in this kit must be sterile, or it could actually pose additional danger.
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Blood Pressure Kit

Unless treated properly, high blood pressure can cause a stroke, heart disease and many other complications. Early detection is hence critical. Every home should have a BP kit, even if no household member is known to have hypertension.


Some of the most important medical supplies you may need for the family are pain relievers or analgesics, such as NSAIDs, paracetamol, and the like. These drugs may serve well more than to fight pain though. Tylenol can prevent a heart attack provided the right dose, as prescribed by a doctor, is taken.


We all know that our health is significantly affected by hygiene. That means it is a must that surfaces in your home are disinfected daily. Aside from cleaning surfaces, disinfectants like alcohol and sanitizers can also be used on cuts and wounds.

Medicated Rubs and Creams

The two conditions mainly helped by medical creams and rubs are rashes and joint and muscle pain. Some of such products may be purchased sans a prescription, but if you need a stronger formula, you probably need one.

Digital Thermometer

If there are members of the household with highly vulnerable immune systems – usually kids and the elderly – keep a digital thermometer on hand. This is very important in detecting and preventing illness, especially in those who may show no external indications of a fever.

Gloves, Masks and Aprons

Gloves can come in disposable and indisposable types. If there’s an accident involving feces, blood or any other body fluids, gloves will keep you and the entire household safe from direct contact. Obviously, disposable gloves are safer because you only have to throw them away after use.

As to medical masks, you can expect safe and complete protection against airborne particles, especially around people who have contagious respiratory diseases like tuberculosis. Aprons provide the same protection, for the entire body. And just like with the gloves, disposable is better.

While we all want to avoid medical emergencies of all kinds, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t equip ourselves and our homes for any eventuality. Stockign on the above-mentioned medical supplies can be a great way to get started.