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As with other handicrafts, the plaque has its own artistic value. The plaque usually includes a picture or writing in it, which can be used for merely souvenirs or awards. The plaque itself has attracted many people to use in various events such as seminars, graduation or farewell events, awards events, parties, or events at schools or other offices.

If you go to a plaque-making shop, you will be confused about which designs and materials to order. However, it goes back to your taste, and do not forget to consider the advantages over the base material.

Plaque basic materials can be various kinds of origin, such as fiber, resin, acrylic, or other materials. This time the plaque material that will be discussed is the resin-based plaque. Actually almost the same as other types of plaques, only different basic materials. Because the material is different, of course, the way of making is different. Then how to make a resin plaque? Let’s see how below.
How to Make engraved plaques
Generally resin there are two types, namely resin color and clear. The plaque part that will be colored usually use color resin. Meanwhile, a clear resin will be used in a clear color. Before making, prepare the ingredients first, among others:

1. Color resin
2. Clear resin
3. Resin catalyst
4. silicon
5. Duplex paper
6. Silicone catalyst

How to Make Resin Plaque

1. Make prints according to taste. If you want a box shape, to print it you can use duplex paper. However, if you want a slightly more complex shape, you must first create a mold by mixing silicon with a silicone catalyst.

2. The second way is to mix resin with resin catalyst. Distinguish between clear plaque and color. The Clear plaque will use clear resin, for colored parts will use color resin.

3. After that, pour the dough into the mold. Wait until dry. When it is dry, the plaque can be removed from the mold.

4. The last way is to cut the edges are not flat with grinding, then sanded and polished to shiny.