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 The karaoke system is one of the best ways to diversify leisure time during home holidays. Moreover, modern manufacturers offer a wide range of models for every taste and purse.

But how to choose a karaoke that best meets your needs?

Varieties of karaoke systems

To date, there are three main classes of karaoke systems, which you can buy:

Budget models

They do not have a very high quality of sound, because of which the appearance of noise during the reproduction of sound is not uncommon. The complete set of such models includes a karaoke player having a minimum set of options and a microphone. When you opt for the best singing system to buy then it is for sure that you will be having the best options for the same now.

Middle class

Unlike budget analogs it is characterized by pure sound and can be connected to a computer. The set includes a special prefix, which allows you to adjust the tonality, echo, timbre and playback speed of the phonogram.

Premium models

An excellent option for use in karaoke clubs. They differ in high quality of sound reproduction and have a lot of various settings that allow you to adjust the track for a certain artist. The equipment of this equipment includes a prefix for audio playback and video broadcasting in FullHD format, a microphone, an acoustic system, a mixer and an equalizer.

The main components of the karaoke system

Depending on the type, each karaoke system can be equipped with a certain set of components, the correctness of the choice of which directly depends on their technical characteristics.

So, for example, unlike a player intended for a home theater, the karaoke system player is equipped with a number of options that allow processing the incoming audio signal from the microphone. In addition, it can be equipped with an equalizer, convenient interface, a preprocessor and a connector for reading information from a flash card or hard disk.

The next component that can be equipped with a karaoke system is an acoustic mixer. Its presence allows you to reduce several audio tracks in one signal, and also significantly expands the capabilities of the microphone. And of course, you cannot fail to mention the acoustic system. It must necessarily be equipped with broadband speakers, this will allow you to reproduce the most pure, surround sound.

As for the microphone, it can be either wired or wireless. Moreover, the first variant is capable of providing minimal interference in signal transmission. Although thanks to modern developments and wireless microphones are already confidently approaching their wired analogues.