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From the experience of selling Adidas shoes, one of the questions that often arise is where Adidas shoes artificial? There are customers who just want to know which shoes are made, but it turns out there are also some wrong perceptions that circulate as if Adidas shoes are made in certain countries better quality than other countries or only shoes made by certain countries original Adidas, while made in other countries is duplicate or fake shoes. For more info you can visit https://www.bobobobo.com/id/brand/converse

There was once a customer who had a long discussion with us that now Adidas shoes have no production in China because the factory is closed in 2012, it will take a long time for us to convince the concerned that China is one of the countries with the largest Adidas shoe production in the world.

As one of the sellers of Adidas Shoes, we are obliged to provide the correct information on this matter. Adidas shoes are model, design and standard quality controlled by Adidas International, and they have globally been pointing to certified factories and able to produce shoe models according to their quality standards and specifications. So the shoe production model will be their order to the accredited factories, and usually, for the same model, they will produce in one factory/location equal to the big quantity, this in order to achieve economic value and cheaper price, and also maintain consistent quality of all the shoes for the model. For example in general soccer shoes and futsal shoes are widely produced in Indonesia; many running shoes are produced in China, Porsche Design is widely produced in Vietnam, and so on. The production of all the factories in those countries has just been sent abroad to sell the Adidas shoes, for example, if, in Indonesia, the representative is Pt. Adidas Indonesia, so all existing orders are distributed to major distributors appointed, and gradually down to small distributors, wholesale, retail, or to outlets and stores.