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Wedding documentation becomes the top priority of marriage. Who does not want the sacred moments important to be immortalized?

For documentation, all would want the perfect wedding photography possible. Especially in today, the matter of determining the wedding photo is very easy. Just access the internet and search via the wedding site and that’s where there will be many choices of wedding vendors including of course wedding photo vendors.

Now, this is indeed a lot of wedding photography service providers, ranging from cheap to super expensive. The world of wedding photography is growing so rapidly, as well as providing wedding videography in their service package. So then not confused to choose a wedding photo vendor of the many criteria and prospective photographers for marriage then the candidate who should be a selective photographer.

In order not to be confused, the candidate must be smart to determine what kind of photographer to rent his services. There are several criteria that can actually be chosen in order to produce a nice and eternal wedding photo remembered.

The first is to note the photographer’s track record, how it relates to his clients, how his reputation is. In the creative world including photography, reputation determines everything. Flying hours are the determinants of the quality of results.

Then the second is look at the concept offered. Wedding photography is not just about photographing both the bride and her family, but it should also be able to record important moments, an atmosphere of joy and nuance of marriage.

Nowadays there are so many wedding photographers who packed the wedding with the feel of an interesting and become a story, instead of just photographed the bride in the wedding and his family.

The third is to make sure that the wedding photo vendor has a good gear, such as a qualified lighting, a capable camera. Because with the gear will certainly be able to record every detail ranging from the bride, guest, facial expression of the audience, wedding venue, ornament to other small details.

If the last three points have been met then the last is also think about the budget. If the couple who will marry big budget then actually about wedding photo will not be a problem, but if the opposite happens then need to think about the budget.

Do not get just for wedding photos but even damage the overall budget of marriage. Choose the best budget, there must be a good quality and appropriate budget wedding. If you, your relatives, or your friends getting married, just contact Solaris Studios for the best photography.